Argan oil

Argan Oil. It probably rings a bell, but most likely, you probably are not familiar with this. Hailing from the Moroccan land, there is a tribe called Bergen that started making this wonder product. The once used as a culinary ingredient and bread dip is now gaining popularity in western countries as one of the best natural cosmetics products in the market. Argan oil is produced from an Argan tree’s kernel.

morocco-argan tree
morocco-argan tree

Do you know what makes Argan oil so special? It’s the extraction process. Depending on how the kernels are processed, about 30-50% of oil is extracted for production. When the tree yields fruit, the fruit is dried in open air until the nut is easily removed from the inside. New methods were invented, so the fleshy pulp is removed and the nut is taken out. Inside the seed is the kernel where oil is extracted. In traditional ways, some Bergen women feed Argan fruits to goats—or they just let these farm animals go up the small Argan tree to eat the fruits. The undigested kernels are then expelled and are later on picked to be cleansed and processed. However, not everyone is a fan of this method because of hygiene issues. So, Moroccan people found ways to manually take the kernel out of the pulp without having to cross over quality control issues.


Culinary Argan oil is process differently from the one that is used for cosmetics. Argan kernels are roasted to perfection and ground until the oil comes out. The oil with rich aromatic smell of roasted nut is great for culinary use. However, the oil used for cosmetics is process almost identically, except that the kernels are not fully roasted to avoid the strong smell. After the extraction process, the oil is poured into a clean jar and is set aside for about two weeks. During this two-week process, the residue and kernel solids settle down at the bottom of the jar. The Argan oil is further filtered for commercial production.

But the real question is, why did the Argan Oil become so popular in the market? It’s not just about how it is produced, but the health benefits it brings.

Argan Fruit
Argan Fruit

What vitamins does argan oil contain?

Not known to many, Argan oil is packed with vitamins and minerals. It has a generous content of Vitamin A and E which are both good for the health and skin. Compared with olive oil, this golden oil is more resistant to oxidation and has a relative density of 0.906 – 0.919 (at 20 degrees C). It really is dense! The oil itself, if you will notice, apparently has a higher viscosity (thickness) compared with other ordinary oils.

Argan oil also contains fatty acids such as Oleic (42.8%), Palmitic (12.0%), Linolenic <0.5%, Linoleic 36.8%, and Stearic acid (6.0%). It also does not contain any dangerous fats like Cholesterol. Not only that, the said oil also contains phenols, squalene, carotenes, and 80% of unsaturated fatty acids. It also has properties like natural phenols.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Argan Oil


You probably are asking yourself, ‘so, with all these, what really is Argan oil good for?’ Ah, brace yourself. Whether you are a woman looking for a natural remedy for your cosmetics needs or a health buff, this product is for you.

#1: What It Does To Your Face

Yes. An Argan is effective for cosmetics use. (Note: Argan oil used for culinary is a lot different from the cosmetic-grade oil. The latter is extracted from an unroasted kernel, which makes it high in fatty acids.) Because of its high concentration, Argan oil is an effective moisturizer to the skin. And it does work wonders in making your skin softer! Apply a few drops of pure oil onto your face, neck, and nape before tucking into bed. You can also drop a few on cotton and gently massage onto your face stroking upwards. The pores on your face will absorb Argan oil overnight and let it do the trick while you are sleeping soundly. Even better, you can use it as a primer before applying your make-up. You can also mix it with your favourite moisturizer for better outcome. What’s good about the Argan oil is although it is thick, it is not hard to spread all over your face, neck, or nape. The oil itself has a thick but light texture, making it spreadable across your face without having to massage it deeply.

What’s more? Argan oil is also used to moisturize dry and cracked lips. Simply apply a drop or two and apply it onto your lips and let it rest overnight. Just like what it is doing to your face, the oil will also moisturize your lips, making it soft a tender the next morning. Some make-up artists use a special lip moisturizer before applying lipstick to their models, but if you’re more into natural uses, Argan oil is also a healthy alternative.

Long and short of it, the Argan oil is an effective natural anti-aging agent that keeps your youthful glow!

#2: What It Does To Your Hair

Not only the Argan oil does wonders in your face and lips, but it also does some magic onto your hair! Because it’s enriched with Vitamin E, regular use of this golden oil will surely make your hair softer, silkier, and glossy! Not only does it make your hair look and feel good, but it also repairs split-ends over time. With regular use, your frizzy hair will be tamed in no time—and it also helps hair more manageable!

Because of its numerous properties, it regenerates dead hair and nourishes your dry stands over time. Of course, all these won’t be seen in a few days. You have to use the oil regularly and make it a lifestyle. Apply a generous amount of Argan oil onto your scalp and massage for a few minutes. Next, put enough an enough amount of oil onto your palms and rub them against each other. Comb your hair through your fingers and do this for a few minutes until your hair evenly applied with Argan oil. You can use it as a leave-on during the day, or apply it before you sleep. For best results, use it twice a day.

Argan oil
Argan oil

#3: What It Does To Various Skin Conditions

Yes, Argan oil is mostly used for moisturizing the face and hair because of its generous content of Vitamin E and A. But did you know that this miracle oil can also cure various skin conditions if applied regularly? Not only is this used for cosmetics, but it also enhances skin health. Here are some of the skin conditions it improves:

Acne – This dreadful tiny culprit that sticks to you in your most undesirable self can pose a headache if not taken care of quickly. Worse, acne can leave a permanent scar on your face, which, you surely don’t want to happen. For budding acnes, you can apply Argan oil as a natural remedy if you’re not into putting over-the-counter ointments. The oil’s anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties are absorbed into your skin, making it moisturized and slowly cleansed from skin toxins. With regular use, this oil can give solution to your acne problem and possibly prevent that scar you’ve always wanted to avoid.

Eczema – Tired of that itchy patch that keeps on bugging you? Although this skin condition is mostly treatable by doctor-prescribed ointments, you can use Argan oil along with the ointment for great results. Its high Vitamin E content will definitely boost your skin health and will help in fighting off eczema quickly.

Psoriasis – If you’re familiar with Psoriasis, you will definitely tell that it’s impossible for Argan oil to cure this because this skin condition is forever. No, there is no claim for that. However, if you regularly use this oil onto your body, especially in your skin parts where Psoriasis usually attacks, it might be able to lessen the symptoms it produces. What is not to believe? Argan oil is full of minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for the skin. Regular application pays.

Stretch Marks – Pregnant women are not the only potential victims of these unwanted tiger stripes. When a person gains weight, his body grows bigger, making the skin adjust too. That’s when stretch marks appear. Dehydrated skin types are almost always prone to having these stripes. To prevent stretch marks from appearing, it is vital to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Applying Argan oil on your belly (if you’re pregnant) or all over your body will help in keeping your body moisturized.

argan oil dry
argan oil dry

#4: What It Does To Your Nails

Tired of having brittle nails? There are many reasons why nails become brittle and easily chipped. One thing is the habit of getting nail polish. This repetitive process makes the nails become thinner and thinner over time. Another reason is your diet. If you have an eating habit of more-meat-less-vegetables, your Vitamins and minerals intake might become a little imbalanced. Because of this, your nails, along with your other body parts, will get less amount of what it needs, making it brittle and weak. And that is where Argan oil comes into the picture. Soaking your nails with this oil mixed with a few drops of lime juice for an hour will help in strengthening them. You can also extract the juice coming from a lemon’s peeling and mix it with Argan oil—this, too, is an effective nail straightener.

#5: What It Does To Your Hands and Feet

Having dry hands and feet don’t really matter—until someone notices it. Sometimes, you don’t take action until insecurity becomes an issue. When you can’t wear open shoes anymore, because of cracked and dry feet, or when you don’t want to hold hands anymore because of your rough palms, that is when you need to take action. Argan oil is a perfect natural remedy in maintaining that soft and supply feel on your palms and feet. Simple apply a generous amount on your hands and feet before sleeping. You can also apply this oil first before putting on your favourite hand and foot lotion. But for best results, it is great to use the Argan oil alone. Even the roughest and cracked skin doesn’t have a say on the oil’s active moisturizing properties. Plus, you don’t have to worry about side effects because this kernel-extracted Moroccan oil is safe!


argan oil products
argan oil products

Sure, you’re already convinced that Argan oil is an all-in-one natural remedy. But the question is, how much does it cost? You might think that this product from Morocco might make you splurge a little more because of how it’s produced. Yes, Argan oil is a little pricey compared to other oils and lotions. However, it is expensive not because you’re getting ripped off, but because of its effectiveness and the way it is being manufactured for the market. Argan oil extraction is not easy and it takes a lot of man power (Bergen women) before it lands on bottle for the market. There had been attempts in the past to mechanize the production of Argan oil—but are proved unsuccessful. So, Bergen woman continued doing the arduous task manually. Imagine, if the product is untouched by machines and other chemicals, then it really has a high success rate in terms of boosting skin health!

With a price ranging from 40$ – 60$ (per 2ounces), this miracle golden oil is just priced fair enough compared to the benefits that you will get from it. Just beware of purchasing Argan oil from the online market. There are some products that say 100% Argan oil, but really, you get a lower-then-par quality. Always remember that pure oil is golden and thick. It is better to research before clicking away your cart. Credible online stores like Amazon are a place to start your product-hunting.


Argan oil is not your ordinary natural remedy for skin conditions and cosmetics use. It is a miracle wrapped in a small bottle. A little splurge is nothing compared to what benefits await you. So, start your Argan oil shopping now and be another satisfied customer!

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Argan Oil
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Top 5 Health Benefits of Argan Oil
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