5 Top Date Ideas for you Wife

Do you remember the last time you had a date with your wife? Does office work and household chores keep you from doing it? Maybe it’s high time for you and your wife to have some “couple time” together. It is a way for you to refresh your relationship with her since it has been a while since you dated  her. She might miss you giving your full attention to her and making her feel special. Your wife might like the idea but she is just too shy to tell you, since you are both busy with your responsibilities.

Every couple has different ways to enjoy each other’s company. But the best thing about dating your wife is making an effort on every date that you’re going to have. Efforts make women fall in love with their partners more. It makes them feel very important since not all men have the patience to do cheesy stuff.

Dating someone before marriage is a way to see if that they are compatible to each other and sees them as they future spouse. It is a kind of trial and error stage since you are testing waters if you could stay with someone for the rest of your life. Dating has also a fascinating background in the past which differs from today’s dating.

In 1900, dating was seen as an offence since it was a new concept of looking for a future partner. But the law enforcement wasn’t totally sure what charges they could give the men and women they see on public showing affection. It was kind of prostitution in their eyes since they see them meeting in public, and a man usually buys food for a woman and giving her some gifts. The woman involved might be arrested for prostitution for that kind of action.

In the past, around before the 1900’s, women who wore make-up or what they call “painted face” were just actresses as well as prostitutes. Because, some believes that a natural look is an indications of a clean living for a woman. But some makers of cosmetics change their products as ‘make-up’ to show one woman ‘making herself up’ to show her feminine side but in a positive way.

Earlier, the basis of looking for a potential partner for life will be based on the status of the person and how much wealth does he/she have. Unlike today, we make choices based on the looks and how much attracted we are with the person. And these days, attraction and compatibility are the most common characteristics that we look for a person. Because most people think that as long as you jive together with the person, everything will go well and you can both plan things accurately for the future.

So here are the

Top Five Date Ideas That You Might Want To Try With Your Wife:

  1. Romantic Dinner Date

Dinner Date
Dinner Date

This might sound common but a typical romantic dinner at a fine dining restaurant is still a good idea for a date with your wife. Do you even remember the last time that you had a date with her in a fancy restaurant? She might not tell you, but she still longs for the days that you used to do that before you had your kids and had been busy with your office work and household chores. You also see each other wearing typical clothes everyday, but if you choose to date her in a fancy restaurant it would both require you to wear something formal and might make you both love each other more than you do now.

A plate of steak with some side dishes and add a bottle of wine would make her glad having this kind of date again with you. Not to mention the good ambiance of the place as well as the relaxing music that surrounds the whole restaurant. You can choose any restaurant depending on your preference. Or you can probably visit the old restaurant you used to visit when you were not yet married. It would give you a nostalgic feeling as well as reminisce the days before you got married. This kind of date idea is so common for most couples yet a very good way to enjoy each other’s company. It probably won’t hurt your budget if you do this once or twice in two months. Your wife might even appreciate your effort making reservation on your favorite restaurant.

  1. Picnic

Picnic Date
Picnic Date

This next date idea might also sound old-fashioned but it still makes your wife’s heart skip a beat. The good thing about this is you can do it indoor or outdoor. As long as you have a blanket to lay on the floor or on the grass. Of course picnic wouldn’t be complete without any snacks. It would be a nice touch if you prepare the food rather than buying it from fast food or some convenience stores. Your wife would like the effort that you made your snacks from the scratch. (This might only be applicable for those who can cook but you can at least try your best to prepare food for her).

Picnic is also not about sitting down, eating, and looking nowhere. It will give you chance to talk sincerely and maybe play some games as well and enjoying each other’s company. It is also a good idea if you set aside your smartphones to relish the moment with her. Remember that dating your wife is not spending time with her but also giving her your full attention, like you used to before you got married.

If you prefer to do this outdoor make sure to check the weather forecast on your chosen date. Because you might experience sudden rain if you do this randomly. But if you choose to do this indoor, you can stay inside your house and do lay a blanket in front of your fireplace. But if fireplace is not present in your home you can opt having candles around, just make sure that the candles that you are going to use are safe.

  1. An unplanned trip

Adventure Trip
Adventure Trip

Do you and your wife enjoy random trips? This next date idea would probably make your wife love travelling more. This is not a so common date, because not every people love things unplanned. You can also opt to a long drive rather than a trip.

Pack some stuff for this unplanned trip and surprise your wife by just telling her you’re going somewhere fun. She would definitely love the idea of an unplanned trip because most women love surprises. Just make sure she doesn’t have a prior commitment so it wouldn’t ruin your moment.

Breeze of air in your hands in an open window while driving in an endless road, is quite a romantic setup you could enjoy with your wife. Not to mention the good music playing during the trip. You can also enjoy the scenery lay in front of you while driving. It’s still nice if you leave early at dawn so you could see the sun rising in the morning. It would add the romantic feeling for your date.

Since this is an unplanned trip you can ask your wife if she wants to go north or south and you can just find some nice place to stay along the road trip. You can also try camping if you have a tent with you and enjoy the scenery in your chosen place and go home before the sun sets. It’s quite a tiring date but your wife would surely love this kind of random moment that you could spend with her.

  1. Playtime at the arcade room or amusement park

Amusement Arcade
Amusement Arcade

Some couple do enjoy playing games like the ones you see in the amusement park or arcade. If you are one of those couple, you can try these kind of date with your wife.

This date would take a lot of your time playing, using every part of your body. It is also an enjoyable experience since you have particular goal in finishing a game.

Like for instance, shooting games are one of the common and most liked games that some couples play. It gives them adrenaline rush especially when they are running away from villains. This would make you and your wife enjoy the company of each other since you have to work as a team. There are also some games like shooting in the hoops. In this kind of game you can have a competition with your wife, like the one who can get the highest score would get a reward or a punishment. You would definitely be competitive then.

As for amusement park, there are lots of rides available. But try the ones that are extreme, so you can both enjoy screaming at the top of your lungs. You also have to make sure that you or your wife does not have any heart problems or any other bad health condition that might ruin your chance to enjoy your ride.

Do not forget to put a pause on trying some rides. An ice cream or popcorn might be a good snack after a thrilling ride and just enjoy looking around to have relaxation for a moment.

  1. Movie Night Marathon

Movie Marathon
Movie Marathon

Night time usually tells you to go to bed to have your body rest. You usually do not have much time to talk to your wife since you were busy all day at work. You are also haven’t been updated with the latest movie as well because of your hectic schedule. Why not grab the opportunity to date your wife on a movie night marathon and relax at the comfort of your home?

This may be a good way for you to date and at the same time have relaxation. It is also an inexpensive way to date and have bonding with your wife. Prepare your and your wife’s favorite movie genre, which something you will both enjoy. Besides, this is your way of giving her a date in low-cost budget. Do not forget to include your pizza and popcorn for your snacks, as well as some beverages. Surround your living room (or theater room) with loud sound also, so that the movie experience will sound like you are in a real movie theater. Put some pillows around the couch so you will feel comfortable and relaxed at the same time. It is simple yet a good idea for a date. Your wife will surely appreciate this idea especially if she loves movies. It is very convenient since if you got tired of watching series of movies, you are just few steps away from your bedroom to sleep or even choose to sleep on the couch it it’s that comfortable. And you can even do this during weekdays even if you have to work the next day because you only dated her at home.

Dating your wife is something you really need to do especially if work has been keeping you from having time with her. Besides you are working to give her a good life as well your kids, if you have one. Married life and dating was totally a different stage in life. They have similarities but in dating your focus is only with her. You also give your full attention because you wanted to show her how much you feel towards her. Most women do feel very special when their partners ask them for a date. Your wife would most likely appreciate you asking her out to spend time together. It also makes you both be grateful of the relationship that you have now. And if you have some arguments in the past, this could also help you to settle things.

If your wife is a career woman, she has to do household chores aside from working in the office. And this could make you both busy and might forget that you are married. Do not forget to refresh your relationship by dating her and telling her how much you appreciate her as your wife.

Dating her is simply showing her how much you love her. This is also a way to thank her for being with you always and the things she does at home. Like for cooking your favorite dish everyday, doing the laundry and keeping your house clean. Married life is not just by living together in one roof but sharing everything.

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